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Chitra wakes up and finds a tattoo on her back written as ‘Ram.’ There is no person in her life with the name, Ram. She is totally clueless about the tattoo. Will Ram enter into her life? Is that tattoo just a figment of her imagination.


Why do Some People Hate Chetan Bhagat?

If sex sells, who is stopping you from writing a bestseller?

Emotional trigger of Chetan Bhagat haters




  1. 1.a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.”she felt a twinge of envy for the people on board”synonyms:jealousy, enviousness, covetousness, desireresentment, resentfulness, bitternessdiscontentspite; the green-eyed monster”Carla felt a sharp pang of envy”
  2. 1.desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).”he envied people who did not have to work at the weekends”synonyms:be envious of, be jealous of;begrudgegrudge, be resentful of “I admired and envied him”

Fact : Chetan Bhagat haters are his secret admirers.

Myth : Sex sells.

Reality : If sex sells, who is stopping you from writing a bestseller? Watch some porn videos and create a bestseller. You can write the best sex scenes and give him a tough competition. If sex sells like a hot cake, 7 billion people can become bestselling authors.

Myth : He used blue ocean strategy and created a new genre for the masses.

Reality : Huh. Who is stopping you from creating another red ocean? I am eagerly waiting for your book.

Moron : I hate his simple english.

Me : If you want good stories, read his books. If you want vocabulary, buy Oxford dictionary. Who is stopping you?

Moron : He writes sex scenes. A book shouldn’t have sex scenes. I hate sex scenes.

Me : My sincere advice to you is please don’t marry.

Moron : I am an author. I am writing better books than him. He should learn from me.

Me : He always admits, ‘ I’m not the best writer, but the bestselling writer.’ Coke sells more than the coconut water, dude. Taste matters. Now, you can dance for the tune, Lungi dance.


Why did I write this?

  • I am the author of 3 Diaries of Love. I know how authors struggle to create a single scene.

​5 Symptoms of a Toxic Relationship.

Life differs from movie. You must accept the fact that life is quite unfair. When you compare your life with a movie, it’s foolishness. Relationships are unpredictable. Sometimes, they turn into toxic relationships. Here are the symptoms of a toxic relationship.

Narcissism : It’s all about themselves. Your existence is just a fictional story.

Envy : They can’t see you succeeding. Often times, their compliments are sarcastic.

Constant judgement : You will be judged based on your relationships with your friends.

Ignorance : They ignore you. They ignore your messages. They ignore your calls

Expectations : They expect  slavery from you. 

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